Research and Work Experiences

Computational HCI Lab, University of Michigan (Aug 19 – Current)

Ph.D. candidate and Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA)
Research Topics:
1. Behavior Modeling Approach to Forecasting Functioning of People with Multiple Sclerosis (1st author)
2. Computational Modeling of Consumer/Product Interactions Behavior (Procter $\&$ Gamble) (1st author)
3. A Bayesian Approach for Quantifying Data Scarcity when Modeling Human Behavior via Inverse Reinforcement Learning (2nd author)
4. Analyzing and Explaining the Outcomes of ML Models using Interactive Visualizations and Visual Analytics Tool for People with Cognitive Disease (working as 1st author)

Machine Learning Research Group, Big Data Summer Institute (BDSI) 2021, University of Michigan (June 21 – July 21)

Co-mentor and Teaching Assistant
Big Data Summer Institute (BDSI) 2021, Transforming Analytical Learning in the Era of Big Data: A Summer Institute in Biostatistics (SIBS) Program, University of Michigan
Research Topic:
Predicting Survival of ICU Patients

Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science, University of Michigan (Aug 19)

Graduate research fellowship

Yagi Laboratory, Department of Intelligent Media, ISIR, Osaka University, Japan
(Oct 18 – April 19)

Visiting Researcher
Research Topics:
1. Action Recognition Using Kinematics Feature on 3D Skeleton Joint Locations
2. Wellness Monitoring while Running on a Treadmill
3. Wearable Sensor-Based Gait Analysis for Age and Gender Estimation
Advisor: Yasushi Makihara (Professor, Osaka University), Atiqur Rahman Ahad (Associate Professor, Osaka University), and Yasushi Yagi (Professor, Osaka University)

Japan–Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science (SAKURA)
Computer Science and Intelligent Systems, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
(Dec 18)

Research on Learning assistance using eye trackers, cameras, and physiological sensors at the Osaka Prefecture University.
Assigned Project: Confidence and Correctness Estimation using Eye-Gaze Features from MCQ Reading Pattern Analysis.
Advisor: Olivier Augereau (Associate Professor, ENIB), Koichi Kise (Professor, Osaka Prefecture University)

FAB Lab, University of Dhaka
(Aug 18 – Oct 18 )

Worked as mentor for freshman year, sophomore, and junior year students and completed two projects under the banner of the Fabrication Laboratory (FAB Lab), University of Dhaka.

1. Smartphone charging booth using solar power
2. Bicycle powered smartphone charger

Joykoly Publications Limited
( Feb 18 – July 18 )

Web Developer and digital content creator (IT Department)
Designed a website and an app containing online study content and online exam for H.S.C and A level students.

Team Spark
(Jan 16 – Oct 17)

Hardware Specialist
Champion/ Runner up in more than 10 national and 3 international competitions.

DU Triquetra
( Feb 15 – Dec 16)

Co-founder and Team Leader
Champion/ Runner up in more than 5 national and 1 international competitions


  1. Int. Journal on Computer Vision & Signal Processing (IJCVSP)
  2. IEEE Access
  3. Pattern Recognition Letters
  4. Scientific Reports
  5. International Conference on Vision and Pattern Recognition (IVPR)
  6. Web Conf (2023)
  7. IMWUT (2022)
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